Conscious Living with Joanna Bagge

The best go-away gift is something usable.


If we mention Joanna Bagge you’re likely to think of her as a happy and chatty interior design stylist. And that’s exactly right. Joanna lives with her husband and two kids in Gothenburg and loves everything about creativity. She happily spends time on plays, music, architecture and wine. She’s inspiring us!

What does it mean to you to live consciously and sustainably?

Taking quick showers, using the bike whenever it’s possible, eat vegetarian, shop vintage, buy organic and fairtrade certified products. Change into digital subscriptions instead of printed magazines, pay invoices by direct debit (“autogiro”) or have them sent by email and print out as few as possible.

Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspired when I’m totally relaxed, usually on vacation and often when the surroundings aren’t particularly nice. A great source of inspiration is also when I meet people who are passionate about something, then I get a tingly feeling all over!

Your best sustainable styling tip and the best sustainable go-away gift?

Change places for things you already have, put away things you’ve become bored with or trade for something else with your friends. When once you’ve loved a thing you most probably will do so again. Before buying a new thing, think about it for at least six months. If you’re still wanting it, it’s most likely a good buy!

The best go-away gift is something usable, as you seldom select exactly the right vase or so. And we really have to stop buying unnecessary things no one needs or wants anyway. So, a couple of beautiful tall candles, a gift voucher for a luxurious lunch or perhaps a lovely bar of soap.