What do the Vakinme products contain?
Our products are GMO-free and paraben-free, which means that they are not genetically modified and we use other preservatives of natural origin. Vakinme’s whole product assortment is based on organic ingredients and produced on the Swedish west coast. The products are vegan (except for our lip balm that contains beeswax) and have carefully chosen quality ingredients to provide a responsible content and caring characteristics. Vegan products are totally free from animal ingredients and are recommended for sensitive skin. By actively choosing vegan skincare products you don’t expose your skin to unnatural ingredients.   

What does it mean that the products are organic?
Vakinme’s product assortment is based on organic raw materials. Vakinme contains natural ingredients which are good both for you and the environment.  

What is the difference between organic and ecological products?
There is no difference. It means the material is natural and not chemically treated.

What’s a responsible content to you?
At Vakinme we think it’s important to know our products contain ingredients we can be proud of and take responsibility for. We therefore work with natural substances which are kind to both the environment and you.

Is everything produced in Sweden?
Vakinme’s products are made on the Swedish west coast. Everything from recipes and creation to packaging is done here. Some of the ingredients, however, are made in other parts of the world because the production of cosmetic substances is extremely limited in Scandinavia. 

What are your thoughts on environmental influences?
Besides the fact that we have carefully chosen our ingredients to minimize the effects on the environment, we constantly work with improving the environmental awareness along the whole production and business lines. The factory producing Vakinme systematically works with environmental goals where among other things all the energy being used comes from renewable sources and recycling all waste to the greatest possible extent. The product packaging is recyclable. For hotels and larger businesses you can order Vakinme’s products by the litre to refill the original bottles.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are natural oils mainly used for scenting the products. 

Are the scents natural?
They are a mix of natural and to a certain degree synthetical fragrances. 

What is perfume oil and are there alternatives?
Perfume oil is a mix of natural and/or synthetic fragrances. There are plenty of substances, from simple fragrances to ethereal oils consisting of many different ones, for example lemon oil, orange oil or lavender. It you want to scent products this is the main track. Earlier you could avoid the word “parfum” if you used ethereal oils for fragrance, but this is no longer so. 

What are allergens and why can they be found in scents and ethereal oils?
Allergens are parts of fragrances and are occurring naturally. Currently there are 26 substances which are declared to be allergens. You can make perfumes without allergens, but they are often synthetic as most of the ethereal oils contain allergens. Another aspect of allergens is that they are only shown on the table of contents when they reach certain limits, which means you could have perfumes with allergens in such low concentrations that they wouldn’t have to be declared. Two ethereal oils not containing any of the 26 allergens are for example patchouli oil and peppermint oil (just some of them). 

How many percent in Vakinme’s products are natural vs synthetic?
If we stick to natural and/or of natural origin, it’s between 95-98 percent per product. 

What is the definition of “natural origin”?
There is no simple answer. There are different definitions but the most common one is that “natural origin” means the substances originating from vegetable raw materials (coconut oil, rape oil etc.) which have been modified to for example esters or surfactants (these can be Ecocert or Cosmos certified for example). Natural oils are not modified but they are oils from pressed products like rape, coconut or sunflower.